Launch Meeting

SAPACC - South Asian Launch Meeting

SAPACC will hold a South Asian Launch Meeting of civil society organizations and individuals from all over South Asia in Hyderabad, 18-21 September 2019. Several South Asian organizations will be co-organizers of the Launch meeting.


Sept 18: 8 parallel tracks on climate change and its impacts, Inaugural public meeting
Sept 19: Country reports, Core demands
Sept 20: Future programmes, Resolutions
Sept 21: Organization, Conclusions


Youth, women, farmers, workers, fisher folk, scientists, and lay people worried about how climate change will impact them, their children and their livelihoods, and who wish to act collectively to mitigate it. About 200-250 delegates are expected to participate in the launch meeting; 30-35% of them will be from countries other than India. The Inaugural function on 18 September will be attended by 1,200 persons, including trade union workers and children who have gone on strike against climate change.


Volunteers for organizing the Launch Meeting may write to SAPACC’s Convener or Co-conveners.


The Launch Meeting will be entirely crowd funded by small donations from sympathetic organizations and individuals, and will be in Indian rupees only. Potential donors may write to SAPACC’s Convener or Co-conveners for any query or for instruction on how to make a donation for the Launch Meeting.


19 organizations, including environmental organizations, trade unions, tribal organizations, farmer’s organizations, civil rights organizations from India and Sri Lanka are co-organizers of this event. More South Asian organizations are expected to become co-organizers.


We have reached the maximum capacity and registrations for the event are currently closed.