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The meeting will meet its entire expenditure through crowd funding, ie, public donations, and in Indian rupees only. We rely on the goodwill of you and people like you who believe in this cause. We request you to donate whatever sum of money, no matter how small; to help us fund this project.

You can contribute to SAPACC through our crowdfunding campaign run by Babul Films Society, and get an income tax exemption certificate under 80G. Find link:


If you wish to donate, and do not require an income tax exemption certificate under 80G: you may transfer money in any of the following ways:

  1. Make an electronic transfer to Cerana Foundation, Savings a/c # 12620100003759, Bank of Baroda, West Marredpally Branch, Secunderabad 500026, IFSC code: BARB0MARRED (the 0 in the code is a zero). Cerana Foundation is a registered non-profit trust that has been in existence since 1995 and has filed IT returns every year regularly since it began active operations in 2003.
  2. Write a cheque in the name of Cerana Foundation, and mail it to: SAPACC, 2-107/4, Sree Ram Nagar Colony, Gangaram, Seri Lingampally, Hyderabad 500050; or deposit the cheque, with filled pay slip, in a Bank of Baroda branch nearest to you.
  3. Give your donation (cash for small amounts, cheque or electronic transfer) to the person who sent you this email/request, or to the Convener or Co-conveners of SAPACC (details below), who will then transfer the money to SAPACC.
  4. You can also donate via

Whichever way you transfer the money, please email the following details to soon after you make the transfer: a screenshot of your transfer if it was made by electronic transfer, OR your name, mob #, address, donation amount, mode of donation (electronic transfer/cheque/cash remittance to: …), dt of remittance/cheque, cheque # and your bank name.

If you require a tax exemption certificate under ITA 80G, please send an email to and we will share further instructions.

Thanking you,


Sudarshan Rao Sarde is a veteran trade unionist and director of International Metalworkers' Federation

Sagar Dhara is an energy expert and professional risk analyst associated with Cerana Foundation, Hyderabad

Soumya Dutta is a climate activist with the energy & climate change group Beyond Copenhagen collective


19 organizations, including environmental organizations, trade unions, tribal organizations, farmer’s organizations, civil rights organizations from India and Sri Lanka are co-organizers of this event. More South Asian organizations are expected to become co-organizers.



ConvenerSudarshan Rao Sarde+91 88268
Co-ConvenerSagar Dhara+91 94404
Co-ConvenerSoumya Dutta+91 92137



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For donations via mobile/online payment